Navajo Culture Wendigo Halloween Costume

This very creepy and scary Navajo Culture Wendigo Halloween Costume is submitted by Allie Morelli for our Most Creative Halloween Costume contest. We are very thankful to Allie Morelli for submitting this costume. If anyone looking for perfect creepy look for the Halloween then there will no better choice. Follow the instruction give by Allie Morelli for this costume.

This costume is a creature deep in the Navajo culture, called a Wendigo. I took the basic idea of it and then switched out an antler skull for a skin mask. Wendigo’s and Skinwalker’s are said to lure out victims by imitating them and their voices, so this Wendigo had the brilliant idea to just put someone else’s face on his to help lure in his prey.

To begin I took an old morph suit I had from a few Halloweens ago and bought some fur. If I remember correctly the morph suit cost about $30, and the fur with a 50% off coupon, cost me $11 for a yard. I glued the fur from the legs to the hips then somewhat sporadically around the whole body. The hooves and spikes are made out of pink insulation foam I found at The Home Depot that cost $5. I then painted the hooves and spikes with white and brown paint that cost $1.99 each. The antlers are made of the pink insulation foam; I carved them out and paper mached them, then painted them brown and white. For the skin mask, I sculpted it on a life cast out of monster clay that I had gotten about a year before, if I remember it cost $25.

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I then made a mold of it with plaster of paris. After the mold had dried, I pried it off and poured hot gelatin in the mold and swished it around until it covered the whole thing. I used about 5 unflavored gelatin boxes, each cost $2.49. Once dried I peeled it out and painted it with watered down red acrylic paint-$1.99. Then tied string to both ends and there it was, a beautiful skin mask.

For the heart that its holding is also made out of gelatin-(3 packets-$2.49 each) I poured it into a cup covered in plastic wrap and distorted the shape with paper towels. I let it set in the freezer for about 12 hours. The blood is made out of corn syrup, chocolate syrup and red food dye. Once everything was finished, we headed down to a trail near me and took the pictures. Total cost excluding the products I had already: $41.89

Wendigo Halloween Costume

Creature Wendigo Halloween Costume

Navajo Culture Wendigo Halloween Costume

Navajo Culture Halloween Costume 2017

Navajo Culture Halloween Costume

Navajo Culture Wendigo Costume

Wendigo Creature Halloween Costume

Wendigo Halloween Costume

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and views about this Halloween costume in the comment section. Enjoy!

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