5 Diamond Painting Techniques you have Never Heard of

Diamond painting can also be referred to as 5d diamond painting, a name you will slowly get accustomed to as you associate with other lovers of this craft. It is currently the in thing for all the craft enthusiasts out there. It has nothing to do with real diamonds as many beginners may think. It is all about using a rhinestone while following a pattern to create an artistic and dazzling design depending on the experience and skills you have up your sleeve. This craft can become rather addictive as it is fun, enjoyable, simple and there is always that rush to see the end result of the painting. So we mean addictive in a good way. We are going to share with you 5 of the best diamond painting techniques you have probably never heard of. Let’s jump right in;

1. Save up time by using the multi-diamond applicator

multi-diamond applicator
Some people usually think that painting more than one diamond at a time may ruin their beautiful masterpiece but that is not so. Sometimes the color to be applied is close together such that picking up one diamond every time becomes a strenuous and time-consuming task. Complex diamond paintings usually take hours to finish so if you get a trick like this you better use it. In your kit, you will find this tool which is double-sided and allows you to paint faster in such situations.

2. You can paste each diamond next to its symbol

multi-diamond symball
This is a very simple task that will take you a few minutes but saves you hours of diamond painting. All you have to do afterward is just refer to the number and next to it you are also able to see its diamond. This will help you work faster as with just a brief look you are able to know what color to use. Seeing the exact diamond will be more relatable compared to just seeing the symbol.

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3. Make your surface flat by using your kitchen cutting board

kitchen cutting board
It is usually difficult for a number of people to find a good surface to finish their diamond painting. Well, we have a solution for that. Go to your kitchen and look for a clean, smooth and dry cutting board. Place your canvas on top of this board when painting. Note that we have used clean, smooth and dry. A dirty, wet or rough board will ruin your painting so avoid such at all costs.

4. Do not remove all your canvas film at once

canvas film at once
Many painters usually remove the film that covers and protects the canvas all at once. Although it is a necessity to begin the painting, you do not have to remove the entire film. You can just detach it from the part you want to do the diamond painting on. Sometimes you may have to abandon the project for hours or even days. In such a case you will simply recover the part you were working on with the film to secure your work from dirt.

5. Sleep on it

As stupid as it may sound, it works perfectly. This is a strategy used to ensure that there is full adhesion of the diamonds just ensure you place two protective cardboard on top and bottom of your diamond painting before placing it under your mattress. It should also be done when you have fully completed the painting. You will be surprised how well this works in flattening your canvas.

Everyone has their own technique when it comes to diamond painting but these are some of the best unique techniques well-selected and tested to ensure they work efficiently and effectively. We hope that they will help improve your diamond painting skills tremendously.

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your diamond painting skills tremendously.

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