5 Must Haves with Your New Point of Sale System

For new business owners or for those who are intending to purchase a point-of-sale system for the first time, this can be an overwhelming decision. As a beginner, it is not uncommon that many are afraid of making the wrong choice because the right system will help runs your business smoothly and help saves you time. Getting the wrong system will complicates the running of your business and becomes a source of regret and frustration.

Every business needs a system that makes things easier such as keeping accounts of the sales, managing the inventory, storing customers’ contact information, evaluating employees’ performance and coming up with sales reports with a few swipes or taps on the monitor’s screen.

These days, there are many point-of-sale or POS systems such as the Clover Station 2018 that are available as apps for iPads and Android tablets. These POS systems are much cheaper, easier to set up, and compact and yet equipped with all the necessary features. You can even customize such systems with accessories, e.g. printer, stand and etc. to use as a countertop checkout station, as well as wanting to look into such products like this 4 inch thermal printer that’s portable, enabling you to print customer receipts on the fly. You can conveniently access the system through your smartphone, laptop or computer from wherever you are to check on your business because the systems are cloud based.

In order to have a good retail management system, the system should be able to help you run, manage and grow the business end-to-end. To help you, check out the 5 must haves before making your final choice for the POS system.

  1. The POS system should be able to accept multiple payment methods such as the Booker Clover from Merchant Account Solution. It will be even better if the system accepts mobile payment and also able to split a payment because some clients might wish to spread their payment across a few cards, etc. Businesses might also want to consider implementing mobile payment solutions as this is an increasing trend in the realm of consumer activity.
  2. Shortcut buttons for the cashiers to easily access the common items or products on the catalogue without having to move from screen to screen looking for a product.
  3. Stores with shopper unfriendly policies will not attract customers as we, as consumers prefer to patronize stores that have friendly return or refund policies, and with store credit features as well. The system should be able to allow flexible options for customers to return products or refunds or store credit.
  4. Look for a cloud based POS system such as the Clover Flex to run your system on mobile devices e.g. an iPad. Tablets are usually cheaper and not bulky as the desktop registers.
  5. The POS system should be able to print barcodes for neat tagging of your products and also for easy tracking. Barcodes are used to scan new products entering the stock, the movement of the products, and finally the sale of the products.
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There are many more features but these are just some of the basic features to get a good system working smoothly for your business. So, check these out and you can take your business to heights.

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