7 Amazing Big/Little Gift Ideas for Your Sorority

Everyone loves to remember the sweet memories of their first college days. College memories are all about less of studying and more of having fun with your friends especially your sorority sister. She was the one who came up for help when you had your first break up at college and suggested you get through your college assignments using the best platforms such as TopAssignmentExperts. Not only this, you love the little moments when you get gifts from your sorority sister and how special they used to be for you.

While you are in your freshman year, it is your time to be someone’s big sorority sister. There are a plethora of gift ideas to see to start this beautiful bond, thanks to gift inspiration blogs like giftunicorn. Alternatively, you could go DIY and hand make something adorable for her, it all depends upon you!

Looking for some classic gift ideas? Well, given below are some amazing gift ideas that can be used to purchase the perfect gift for your sorority sister:

    1. Personalized Picture Frame: All of you share tons of memories during your college days and putting them right into a picture frame will sound just like getting the best gift. You will have all the memories flashing back when you leave the sorority and take all these beautiful memories along with you.
    2. Cute Wall D├ęcor: This gift is the right starter gift and will make her feel awesome during the beginning of her stay with you. Hanging some elegant pieces on the walls of the dorm will bring a feeling of joy as well as togetherness. She will feel special and that she too is an integral part of the sorority.
    3. Essential College Kit: Everyone loves a little extra-care and to pass college with flying colors, gifting your sorority sister with the essential college kit will do the needful. It may be a box or a basket full of all the necessary stationary stuff. Just like ThanksForTheHelp platform plays a pivotal role in finishing off the college assignments on time, your gift will ease up her missing stationary stuff worries when in a rush of submitting some assignment.
    4. Custom T-shirt: You can gift her with a t-shirt that has a picture of you both or other group pictures where you all are having lots of fun. This t-shirt would be her favorite memory of her time well-spent with you. You may also personalize two t-shirts together and wear them together to express your love and amazing bond that you share.
    5. A Cozy Blanket for those Chilly Nights: When it’s all cold and dark in the dorm, you can make her feel warm by gifting her with a cozy blanket. This is probably the best gift when she would be missing her home and looking for some comforter to make herself feel warm. If you know her well, you could even customize the blanket for her. Use your favorite photos to create custom photo blankets that will remind her of her family, besties or college memories. This will definitely be a comfort for her when it’s needed, and is a very sweet gift idea that will be greatly appreciated. This will help her immensely when she is to complete her college assignment using PaperDoers in the cold night.
    6. Perfect Jewelry Tray: Everyone loves to shop for shimmery pieces of jewellery during their college days. So, if you gift her a unique yet traditional jewelry tray that will help her store all her jewelry at one-place, she will just love it! It will be a memory of your care every time she will use the tray to find her favorite earrings to wear
    7. Mini Makeup and Manicure Kit: Getting ready for some dorm event or party used to be so much fun! For her quick adorable look, you may gift her with a mini makeup and manicure kit that will help her get into her glamorous look in no time. She will really be very grateful of you being so thoughtful for her.
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These were some perfect gift ideas for your sorority sister that will definitely bring a broad smile on her face and she will love you more!

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