7 Front Yard Trees To Boost Your Covington Home’s Curb Appeal

Homeowners in Covington, a community noted for its picturesque neighborhoods and natural beauty, take great pleasure in their homes. Recent data, however, show a fall in home sales, with May’s figures down 23.1% from the prior year. Increasing your home’s curb appeal is one of the best methods for a Covington homeowner to make their property stand out in the housing market and raise the possibility of a profitable sale.

Front yard trees are sometimes disregarded, yet they are important to improving your home’s curb appeal. These magnificent additions not only enhance the beauty of your house but also offer a host of advantages to both homeowners and the surrounding area. 

This blog article will discuss the benefits of including front yard trees in Covington and how they may dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal.

Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum)

This small to medium-sized tree, renowned for its elegant elegance, presents a mesmerizing display of leaves in gorgeous colors, including vivid reds, oranges, and purples. The Japanese Maple offers a touch of refinement and visual intrigue to any environment with its delicate leaves and graceful design. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the Japanese Maple also offers dappled shade, which improves the outdoor atmosphere. 

It may be trimmed to keep the proper form and is compact enough to fit in smaller front yards. If you need to make space in your front yard to plant this tree, it is imperative to enlist the help of a reputed company for the tree service Covington LA offers. They can help you remove the pesky, damaged trees from your front yard and help you maintain your newly planted Japanese Maple so it remains in good shape for years to come.

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Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida)

This well-liked tree stands out in any front yard because of its alluring beauty, which is well known. The Flowering Dogwood blooms spectacularly in the spring, covering its branches with stunning white or pink flowers against its dark green leaves.

These breathtaking flowers are a sight to behold and will undoubtedly catch everyone’s admiration and attention. As the petals wilt, they are replaced by lovely red berries, heightening the plant’s aesthetic appeal. The Flowering Dogwood’s appeal goes beyond springtime, as its leaf changes to vivid crimson hues in the autumn, creating a gorgeous sight.

The Flowering Dogwood’s tiny stature also makes it great for front yards since it fits neatly into confined areas without overpowering the landscape. The Flowering Dogwood has ecological advantages and visual appeal since it creates a home for birds and draws advantageous pollinators to your garden.

Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia)

The versatility of the crepe myrtle, which comes in various sizes, makes it a great option for increasing the appeal of your front yard.

These trees produce an amazing show of pink, red, lavender, or white blooms in profusion throughout the summer, guaranteed to attract the attention of anybody passing by. The flowers bring a lovely splash of color and draw butterflies, giving your outdoor area a magical touch.

These trees have an exquisite shape, and their arcing branches provide a lovely silhouette that goes with any house design.

Yoshino Cherry (Prunus x yedoensis)

Its springtime display of delicate, light pink blooms offers a compelling focal point that immediately draws attention. The cherry blossoms cover the tree in a stunning display, filling the air with a sweet and alluring smell.

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The Yoshino Cherry stands out in any front yard, exuding grace, elegance, and beauty thanks to its beautiful shape and magnificent floral display. This gorgeous tree may also give your outside space a calm and quiet ambiance.

Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis)

Before the leaves appear in the spring, this small to medium-sized deciduous tree puts on a gorgeous display of pink or purple blossoms, producing an impressive visual spectacle. The tiny blossoms provide your front yard a splash of color and draw pollinators like bees and butterflies, which breathe life and vigor into the area.

The Eastern Redbud’s heart-shaped leaves become a vivid yellow as the seasons change, adding even more intrigue and beauty. Any landscape is given a touch of elegance and beauty by its beautiful form and multi-stemmed design.

The Eastern Redbud is also renowned for its flexibility; it can tolerate full sun and partial shade and thrives in various soil types. Due to its tiny size, it may be used in front yards with limited space as a focal point or as part of a mixed planting arrangement.

American Holly (Ilex opaca)

American Holly lends a sense of classic elegance to any environment with its glossy, dark green foliage and recognizable crimson berries. This evergreen tree stands tall, gives year-round appeal, and creates a rich and colorful background for your front yard.

In addition to being visually appealing, the brilliant red berries also draw birds, bringing a lovely touch of wildlife to your surroundings.

The American Holly is a good addition to any outdoor area thanks to its dense foliage, which offers seclusion and acts as a natural windbreak. It is a flexible option for Covington’s environment due to its adaptability and tolerance to various soil types and lighting conditions.

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Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora)

This large evergreen tree radiates charm and elegance in any front yard and makes a dramatic statement. The Southern Magnolia makes a rich and vivid backdrop with its enormous, glossy, dark green leaves that maintain their appeal year-round, giving your landscape depth and complexity. But what captures attention is the stunning display of its fragrant, brilliant white blossoms.

During the summer, these flowers, which have a maximum diameter of 12 inches, adorn the tree, filling the air with their pleasant fragrance and luring butterflies.


You can greatly improve the curb appeal of your Covington house by including front yard trees in the landscaping. These trees’ beauty and shade may quickly change your house, creating a warm and beautiful atmosphere.

Front yard trees have the potential to become the centerpiece of your house with careful selection and upkeep, drawing admiration from guests and passersby alike.

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