7 Places to Visit in Italy Before You Die

Italy, is always the most romantic, most iconic and most exotic travel destination that offers best to satisfy every travel aspiration. From world’s most famous heritage sites to world’s most visited museums to most picture-perfect beaches to most picturesque countrysides and vineyards, Italy has everything any traveler aspires to experience.

But this is also the reason why, making a travel itinerary with chosen destinations in Italy is always so challenging. If you still want to find a list of must visit Italy destinations, these 7 destinations are worth considering. Whether you are a luxury traveler traveling by a private jet charter or an economy flight hopper, reaching all these destinations in time will never be a challenge.

1. Rome

Visiting Italy means stepping into the land of erstwhile Roman Empire and it is needless to say that begins with the Rome city itself. The so called must visit heritages like Colosseum, St Peters Church, Sistine Chapel, Gallery Borghese, Spanish Steps and innumerable palaces will always overwhelm you with historic charm, but never forget to explore the naughty, fashionable and chic side of Rome with its streetfood, Pizzas, gourmet restaurants, world famous brand stores and nightlife.

2. Tuscany

Tuscany is the true Italy in its cuisine, culture, sprawling vineyards, wines and heritage architectures and gigantic museums of Florence. Go to the lush countryside and experience the spectre of vineyards or just enjoy the hospitality of a local home with an authentic Italian dinner with savoury local cheese, famous Chianti wine and other local desserts and fruits. The must visit attraction of Florence is the Galleria Degli Uffizi with greatest reserve of Renaissance masterpieces including works of of Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo da Vinci and many others. Pisa and its Leaning Tower is another must visit attraction of Tuscany.

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3. Venice

Venice is the most fabulous waterborne city that completely consists of innumerable islands on the bay and the Mediterranean. The whole city connected by canals transporting small boats called Gondola and ferry boats boasts of a out of the world beauty. The small islands accommodating palatial houses, markets and iconic monuments are connected by innumerable bridges offering spectacular views of various nooks and corners of the city. Gothic palaces, Renaissance heritages apart Venice is also famous for its art galleries and boutique souvenir shops displaying local products.

4. Amalfi Coast and Capri

Amalfi Coast and Capri
Some of the World’s most spectacular beaches are in Italy and Amalfi Coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea tops the list. This is just a small peninsula located in the southernmost Italy offering wide open spectre of emerald blue of the Mediterranean. Capri is a small island a few kilometres deep in the sea offering most spectacular surround views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is perfect for vacationers to enjoy a laid-back holiday.

5. Pompeii

Pompeii is the wonder heritage island that showcases an entire ancient city destroyed thousands of years before by the volcanic eruption from Mt. Vesuvius. The whole city was excavated from the cover of volcanic ashes and was restored as a heritage site. The whole city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea looks like a gigantic open air museum showcasing remains of life from ancient time. It creates an unforgettable memory of Italy’s ancient heritage for any visitor. The spectre of the Mediterranean and the Mt. Vesuvius is equally stunning from the island.

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