7 Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Replace Your Windows

Windows help in improving your home’s appearance, boosting its value. Good quality, energy-efficient, and well-designed windows should be your priority as a homeowner. But like every fixture, windows age and get damaged in several ways. And you must know when to replace them. However, not all problems are easily visible to the naked eye, and you may overlook them.

The following are subtle signs you need to look out for to know whether your window needs replacement:

    1. Visible Damage 
      Through visual inspection, you can quickly identify damage like broken glass or rusted metal frames, and that’s a wake-up call for replacement. This is because it poses a risk to its owners. For instance, rusty metal can prick someone’s fingers as they try to close or open the windows. The same is true with broken glass.¬†

      While rusty metal results from constant contact with moisture and poor maintenance, broken glasses may result from a baseball tearing through your window glass or maybe stones carelessly thrown by children while playing.

      Broken window panes allow moisture from rainfall to leak into the house, causing further damage. The moisture causes rust on metal frames tampering with their original color and physical appearance.

      Moreover, shattered glass threatens home security since burglars can access the interiors without breaking the door. So, replace such windows immediately.

    2. Energy Inefficiency
      You may notice your electricity bills hiking because you must turn on your air conditioner for a long time to improve your interior’s thermal comfort. It may be due to energy-inefficient windows that consistently leak the heated interior air to the outside. In such a case, look for windows with high thermal performance to keep your energy bills in check. Reliable companies can advise you on the best Alexandria replacement windows to match your home’s insulation requirements.
    3. Outdoor Noise
      Excess noise from outside indicates that your windows are not providing enough sound insulation. You wouldn’t want to hear barking dogs, flying airplanes, or cars hooting outside your home, especially at night when you need a quiet environment to sleep soundly. While soundproofing your current windows may work, replacing the entire window with an acoustic one may be more cost-effective. Go for double or triple-glazed windows with air-tight insulations along the edges.
    4. Outdated Style
      Windows are a powerful aesthetic element of your home. They go a long way in selling your home’s beauty to outsiders. They can portray your house as modern, traditional, or trendy. Thus, you may want to replace them if their look doesn’t match your taste and the general home’s vibe. The windows may have been installed decades ago, rendering them old-fashioned. Upgrading them with modern windows breathes new life into your home, making it look classy.
    5. Difficult To Operate
      Difficulty in opening or closing is a sign that windows are either too old or damaged and require replacement. There are many reasons why a window may be challenging to operate. It might have been painted shut, or the window hinges may be in a state of disrepair. Besides, your house’s foundation may have shifted slightly, and the window frame no longer fits correctly.Another cause may be a warped frame where the metals repeatedly expand in hot weather and contract in the cold, compromising its fit and making it difficult to operate. The best thing to do when your windows can’t open or close easily is to replace them.
    6. Fading Interiors
      The sun may penetrate your windows and beat some areas around your home, such as wood floors and furniture, causing them to fade. If this continues for a long time, your pricey possessions will be considerably defaced. It’s best to replace the windows with low-emissivity glass coatings that add thermal protection layers, blocking Ultraviolet (UV) rays.
    7. High Maintenance Costs
      There’s no problem with spending money on window repairs, mainly when the damage is negligible. It may include painting afresh, fixing lost screws, or welding broken parts. However, when you have to repair the window every other month, you may soon spend more money than you would have done buying new windows. So, if the repair costs are getting out of hand, replace the windows at once.

  1. Conclusion

    Damaged windows compromise your home’s beauty and thermal comfort and pose security and injury risks. You must replace them once you notice the tell-tale signs outlined herein. Inspect your windows frequently to detect signs of damage before the issues get out of hand. For guaranteed results, hire expert window contractors with the necessary know-how to replace windows. Ultimately, you’ll revamp your house’s looks and enjoy comfortable interiors.

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