TV Placement Simplified

To get the most from your home’s movie nights and gaming events, you will need to get the positioning of your TV perfect! Here are three important things to consider: 1. The Room First, take a moment to get a feel for the dynamics and layout of the room. Where will the traffic be flowing […]

Traditional Mexican Living Room Décor

Mexican living room decoration is always loved by the people. It is because this style is traditional and reflects the beauty of the living style of the people who are living there for a long time. There are different styles of Mexican rooms that are decorated but there are some things that are common in […]

What Do You Know About Mirrors?

The first mirrors used in civilisation as we know it, were probably pools of water, commonly known as puddles. The main quality that makes a good mirror is a flat surface with high reflectivity. As humans evolved, the next best example of mirrors were probably pieces of polished stone. Obsidian, a natural volcanic glass, is […]

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