DIY Home Decor: Arts and Crafts Ideas

Let’s face it. After many hours spent browsing through endless images and ideas on Pinterest and you pin many projects for a rainy day, you are now ready to finally get your DIY mode on. You might think you’re not really the arts and crafts type of person and you only save these images and ideas because they’re beautiful to look at. But, we guarantee that once you get the ball rolling, you’ll become addicted to the world of Do it Yourself.

DIY is the heaven-sent project ideas serving home décor, remodeling, crafting, cooking, and recycling vintage items around your home. Home accessories and decorations can be quite expensive to buy if you enjoy the art of home decorating. Luckily, the world of DIY is vast and broad with endless ideas that you won’t even need to buy anything, only the material that you’ll use. So grab your sticks, your glue guns, and your craft board and get ready to redecorate your home with these lovely trinkets.

Nautical Vases

If you love the feel of beach homes, then this nifty trick will definitely brighten up your place and bring the beach into your home when there is none. Simply get one of your old vases and a large quantity of jute ropes. These ropes are sturdy and will finish off your vase with the perfect nautical design. All you need to do is wrap your vase carefully and glue them together with your glue gun. Bonus tip: you can hot glue real seashells too!

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Cabinet Trays

If you’ve just remodeled your kitchen, don’t throw away all your old cabinets. Instead, save a couple to make chic cabinet trays. You can salvage these cabinet doors by repainting them a shabby-chic off-white color and drill in holes on each end to add two drawer pulls. Fill in the existing holes with wood fillers and let dry. They’re perfect to serve snacks for your guests!

Mason Jar Luminaries

Who doesn’t have mason jars lying around? There are many things you can do with these jars and luminaries are an easy, inexpensive, and gorgeous project to do. Get yourself some glass gems that can go for as little as 50 cents a bag. Using a hot melt adhesive, glue them around your jar carefully and allow to dry. When they’re ready, add your tea lights for that glittering effect. They can be small candles or battery-operated ones. Leave the lid on if you’re using battery-powered candles only.

Painted Wine Bottles

Get your paintbrush ready because you’re about to make gorgeous wine bottle vases. You can even make it a project the whole family can enjoy by recycling your old wine bottles. Clean your bottle well and remove the label first. You can use any type of paint including chalk paint, spray paint, or even acrylic. Feel free to decide on whatever colors or designs you prefer; they can be polka-dots, stripes, or even give it a gorgeous acrylic drip. These will be perfect to hold your fresh flowers.

Wooden Sunburst Mirrors

Who doesn’t love a good mirror hanging decoratively on their walls? They can get quite expensive to buy so making your own is ideal in this situation. And it’s fun to do! All you need is a couple of packets of wood shims and coastal paint to give it that summer house look. Achieve texture by thickening your painting technique. Use light or powder blue as a color base, then, when dry, smear on white paint with a palette knife unevenly. Add a rope to a wooden, rounded plate as you wait for the shims to dry. When your wood shims are ready, hot glue your shorter shims first around the plate. Then, add the longer shims in the gaps between the short shims securing them with hot glue. Finally, glue on a rounded mirror in the front and wrap a thin rope around it. There you have it, a DIY sun in your living room!

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Get Crafty!

Arts and crafts are not only easy projects to do to decorate your home with, but they’re also major stress-relievers. These are just a few examples of the many home décor projects you can start and the results are beautiful enough to have you itching to do more!

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