Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is a company that has specialized in oil and gas activities since 1970. The energy firm operates from the Dallas headquarters under the leadership of Matt Fleeger. Over the years, the firm has purchased gas and oil reserves in America’s Gulf Coast area. Furthermore, Fleeger is also the company’s President and CEO.

Therefore, he plays a critical role in the company’s decision-making process. Besides, he has enhanced the usage of high technology, contributing to the firm’s unmatched success. Gulf Coast Western operates in Oklahoma, Alabama, and Louisiana. It also has extended operations in Mississippi, Colorado, and Texas to ensure an outstanding return potential.

The Company’s Innovative Techniques

Gulf Coast Western’s seismic surveys and horizontal drilling techniques have contributed to its success in discovering unexploited resources. Many energy companies embrace the vertical drilling process, which damages the ground around the well and harms the water and land tables. The company discovered that horizontal drilling has no challenges of maneuvering the sandstone. On the other hand, it has more output than the vertical drilling process.

However, it demands a high level of expertise despite being cost-effective. During the execution of seismic surveys, the company applies sound waves in identifying natural gas producing rocks. A Seismic truck generates the waves that evaluate the rock formation, unlike the traditional method involving drill bits.

The latter disintegrates the environment and risks the workers’ health. Additionally, the seismic survey process eliminates the costs incurred during the standard trial and error method. Therefore, GCW remains in the frontline both in technology and in environmental sustainability.

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Gulf Coast Western’s Expansion Strategies

Apart from applying technology, Matt Fleeger has collaborated with other energy firms to expand the company. The process has enhanced the purchase of massive acres of land for long-term gas and oil drilling processes. According to Fleeger, mergers and acquisitions are part of continuous strategies that GCW continues to embrace.

The firm has succeeded in exploring Louisiana by collaborating with Orbit Energy Inc. and Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration. It has also teamed with Neumin Production, Zachry Exploration, and Warhorse Oil and Gas.

Matt Fleeger’s Path to Success

Matt honed his customer service and corporate management skills from other areas before engaging in the energy sector. Initially, he successfully nurtured three startups into renowned ventures. For example, Fleeger established MedSolution Inc., a company that shaped the medical waste management sector significantly.

On the other hand, his father taught him the transparency skills that enable him to succeed in working with like-minded partners, customers, and colleagues at GCW. However, his academic achievement has played a primary role in his entrepreneurial success. In 1986, Fleeger completed his marketing and financial studies from SMU of Dallas’ Cox Business School. Therefore, he has led the company’s growth strategies in a transparency manner since 1994.

The Company’s Contribution to Charity

Matt has led GCW in diversifying its achievements in supporting the community. Therefore, it has helped numerous charity endeavors, including Shriners Hospitals, Magdalene House, Smile Train, and St. Jude Children’s Hospital, to name but a few.

Besides, Fleeger supports the Sadie Keller Foundation specializing in funding childhood cancer research and raising awareness of the health condition. For example, the company donated 13,000 toys to children cancer patients in October. On the other hand, Fleeger made a personal donation of $14,000 towards the initiative.

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What People Say About Gulf Coast Western

Over the years, Better Business Bureau has honored GCW with five star reviews and an A+ rating for its exemplary performance. The Gulf Coast Western reviews indicate its commitment to strengthening future collaborations and customer satisfaction.

In one of the Gulf Coast Western reviews, the customer commends the firm for its professionalism. Another reviewer values working with the company because of its highly skilled team and top-notch development strategies, among other positive reviews. Concisely, the firm has won a reputation from customers, partners, and other industry players.

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