How to Buy Paint While in Lockdown

If there are positives to be made from everything going on in the world right now while people remain in lockdown, it would have to be that someone in the family is going to become a fantastic baker, we’re all finally catching up on those boxsets we said we’d watch, and our homes should look fabulous in time for summer.

In fact, many people have grown a passion for DIY as they look for things to do around the house. Here in the UK though, much like the sudden demand for toilet rolls seen shelves across the country go empty for weeks on end, more and more big-name DIY stores are finding themselves running out of paint.

There have been news stories about sites such as B&Q making customers join a virtual queue to get in and have limited items on offer. For those of us who are halfway through painting the living room, varnishing the decking, or finally getting round to repainting every room at home, how can you get paint while staying at home?

I’m not one for spilling secrets (or precious paint), but I do have a few tips to help you find and buy paint without even stepping outside. It all starts with knowing the lingo

Look for trade paint

Think of buying paint like buying a new TV. You can get the new smart TV with all the extras gadgets and apps that do all sorts that you know you’ll never use, or you could save a little and get a TV that does the job.

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That’s what trade paint is. Professional painters and directors don’t spend hours on end looking at fancy paint samples or finishes when there are walls to be cared for. They shop for trade paint, which is regular paint at a better price, as it’s meant to be sold to those “in the trade”.

You don’t have to be a decorator to know where to get it though. Online stores like The Paint Shed sell trade paint directly to the public without the need for a fancy member’s only card or special account. Because they’re online as well, they deliver around the country via the likes of FedEx, so there’s no need to book a click & collect slot or watch the delivery slots pile up by the week.

Look for local deals

At this time more than ever, it’s important to support local business. Many aren’t actively present online, so make a few calls and enquire about paint. Unlike the customer service lines of the big chains where the person taking your call won’t be knowledgeable about paint, your local paint shop will be more than happy to answer questions and help you find the right product.

Even if you know it will take two weeks for the paint to get delivered locally, paying it forward for an independent shop to keep the lights on is a great idea.

Look over your garden fence

If you’re using emulsion paint and touching up a few rooms, you always tend to buy more paint than you need; paint which you end up putting away in the garden shed and forgetting all about.

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It’s something your neighbours do too, so why not knock on their door and ask if they have any unused paint lying around they’re not using. You’ll be surprised just how many have a few litres here and there taking up space that they’ll be happy to get off their hands.

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