How to Keep Costs Down in a Care Home

Nursing homes are traditionally challenging to manage in terms of finances, and they introduce many challenges that are more or less unique to the field. Taking the time to ensure that you have the right approach to this is crucial if you want to avoid finding yourself struggling to keep the lights on. On the bright side, as long as you know what kinds of issues you can expect, and what options you have available for tackling them, you should be able to find a good middle ground that works for everybody.

Streamline Your Recruiting Process

Care homes tend to have high staff turnover rates, and this is something you should adjust to from the very start. Anticipating a good number of people coming and going on a regular basis is easier said than done though, at least when you don’t have a solid recruiting process in place. It’s important that you take the time to evaluate how people are brought into the facility and what kind of onboarding they have to go through, and try to identify potential areas for improvement. Making your recruitment as frictionless as possible is going to be one of the biggest improvements you can make with regards to keeping your costs down.

Keep an Eye Out for Bulk Deals

Care homes also tend to go through lots of supplies quickly, making it even more important than usual to look out for good bulk deals. You should ideally work with a regular supplier that you know you can trust, like This will give you the benefit of predictability – you will know what you can expect from your supplier every time you need to place an order, both in terms of quality as well as price. In the long run, this can reflect very noticeably on your finances. 

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Know When You Should Focus on Increasing Occupancy

Keeping a care home afloat is a balancing act to a large extent. You have to ensure that you are maximizing your occupancy while also keeping a few beds open for emergency cases. This can be tricky, even with a lot of advance planning, and your best bet for avoiding issues in this area is to keep track of your historic data and try to identify trends that might be useful in the future. You shouldn’t expect to be able to predict everything that will happen on a weekly basis, especially when it comes to the needs of your residents. However, you should still be able to figure out when to anticipate major developments, and know how to prepare for them.

Keeping your care home costs down is never easy, and it sometimes requires some personal sacrifice on your part. But if you’re responsible about what you’re doing, going through the above list is the bare minimum that you could be putting into this. Make sure that you take advantage of every opportunity you have for improving the situation in your facility – and remember that this battle never ends!

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