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Install TDX 20 Refrigerant In You AC Unit For A Better Tomorrow

TDX 20 is a brand new refrigerant developed by Bluon Energy, to replace R-22 which is being phased out. Since the use of R-22 refrigerant, commonly known as Freon, its registered trade name, is expected to come to an end by the year 2020 in the US, the need for a new and revolutionary option has never been higher.

TDX 20 is seen as the best alternative to replace the use of Freon in HVAC systems due to its advantages which include zero effect on the ozone layer, zero global warming effect, energy efficiency and ability to work with all existing R-22 equipment. Read on to find out why instating TDX 20 in your HVAC system is a major step towards a better tomorrow.

Montreal Protocol

In 1987, a huge number of the world’s countries agreed to phase out the use and production of ozone depleting compounds such as HFCs (Hydroflorocarbons) among them, the popularly used HVAC refrigerant R-22.

This agreement was referred to as the Montreal Protocol. It was meant to help protect the earth and its inhabitants from suffering the negative effects of the depletion of the ozone layer; by preventing further damage through the continued use and release of ozone depleting HFCs compounds. The ozone layer keeps harmful UV rays from reaching the surface of the earth, where they would cause among others, skin cancer, disruption of marine ecosystems and decreased agricultural productivity. Simply put, getting rid of R-22 would mean creating a better, healthier, safer world.

Drawbacks Of Existing Alternatives

According to the Montreal Protocol, the phase out of R-22 refrigerant would be completed in the year 2020. This meant that the world would have to develop an effective R-22 alternative before this date. Since the signing of the agreement, a few working alternatives have been availed in the market. However, only TDX 20 has the ability to help realize the environmental protection goals that were enshrined in the Montreal Protocol.

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Most of the existing R-22 alternatives reduce the efficiency of the HVAC equipment in use, thus leading to increased energy consumption and wear and tear, as the units work harder to make up for the lost efficiency. As a matter of fact, none of these alternatives, except for TDX 20, match the performance and capacity levels of the outgoing R-22 refrigerant.

According to statistics, HVAC systems account for 40 percent of the total electricity consumption across the world. This combined with the fact that electricity production accounts for 30 percent of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, means that using inefficient alternatives does little to solve the current problem.

Why TDX 20 Is The Perfect R-22 Alternative Refrigerant

TDX 20 is designed to match or even better the performance and efficiency of the outgoing R-22 refrigerant depending on the type of equipment in use. This makes it the best replacement for the environmentally destructive HFCs.

To facilitate this efficient operation, the refrigerant was created by bundling a number of refrigerants together using a proprietary formula. Each of the components in the mixture evaporates at different stages, therefore resulting in efficient heat transportation.

Benefits Of TDX 20

TDX 20 is said to be the best replacement for the outgoing HFCs based refrigerants due to its advantages. Read on to find out more about the reasons why this new and revolutionary refrigerant gives you the best opportunity to move your HVAC system a step closer to eco-friendly performance.

Environmental Benefits

To begin with, TDX 20 is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-ozone depleting and has the lowest Global Warming Potential rating, of all existing R-22 alternatives, of 1650. It is clear that this R-replacement is the most environmentally friendly. It’s also worth noting that replacing R-22 with TDX 20 will substantially reduce a building’s carbon footprint.

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In addition to the above, using this new refrigerant also results in massive energy savings that also go towards making existing HVAC systems more eco friendly.

Equipment Benefits

One of the most endearing qualities of TDX 20 as a perfect replacement for R-22 is that it can be used with the existing equipment, as is. Since TDX 20 runs on all R-22 equipment there is no need to change the metering devices or compressor oil. More importantly, there is no need to replace the existing equipment, especially if it still has years of service remaining, as would be the case when using one of the traditional R-22 alternatives, R-410A.

TDX 20 runs on lower pressure, lower compressor temperatures and can lead to reduced run HVAC system run times. This enhanced performance works to extend the life of the existing HVAC equipment.

Performance Benefits

As previously stated, this revolutionary refrigerant is designed to match the performance and cooling capacity of the outgoing R-22. It decreases the HVAC system’s energy consumption levels by about 20 percent; reduces unit amp draw by anything between 5 and 25 percent while reducing run time from twenty to ninety minutes on a daily basis.

It is also worth mentioning that TDX 20 runs on low temperature systems, even though it’s optimized to be used in medium to high temperature systems.

Use TDX To Save Money And The Environment

Over 60 percent of all HVAC systems deployed today use R-22 refrigerant. All these systems need hundreds of millions of pounds of R-22 each year for maintenance purposes. With the cost of this outgoing refrigerant skyrocketing over the past few years, with higher prices expected as we draw closer to the 2020 deadline, the need for a working alternative cannot be further emphasized. TDX 20 from HTTP://BLUONENERGY.COM is the only worthwhile R-22 replacement, given the inefficiencies of the other available options.

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TDX 20 has completed all the necessary hurdles required for it to enter the market place. It has been cleared for use by the EPA, and has also satisfied all the necessary ASHRAE requirements and has been assigned the designation R-458A.

Instead of looking to spend a huge amount of money in the installation of a new HVAC system that does not run on R-22 refrigerant, consider using TDX 20 to save on cost, while also saving the environment.

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