Look For These Signs To Know When To Remove A Tree

For a lot of people out there, the trees on their property have been there longer than they can remember. Some folks plant and nurse their trees from saplings to the gentle giants they become in the future. Regardless of what it’s like with your property, numerous homeowners share a special bonding with the trees and plants in their yards, and it’s something the providers of tree service in Snellville understand better than anyone else. You’re probably one of those individuals who can’t even think of removing even one tree from their properties. Besides, the process of getting one removed from the premises can be quite challenging. Trees, just like every living creature in this world, have to face threats that tend to affect their health and stability. You have to acknowledge the fact that at some point in time, you won’t have any other option but to remove it. Here you’ll learn about the signs you must watch out for.


As already mentioned earlier, trees are susceptible to infections. These infections can severely affect their health, as well as structural integrity. Therefore, you should keep tabs on the wood from time to time. Is it becoming soft? Does the bark crumble easily like a piece of chalk? Do you notice splitting or cracking? These signs prove that your tree isn’t healthy. If you see these signs, you should contact a tree service Dunwoody company as soon as possible. Other signs of disease also exist. For instance, if the tree becomes a plaything for woodpeckers, it won’t survive long enough. You should also search for the presence of fungi.

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Large branches on the crown

The presence of extremely large and heavy branches close to the crown of a tree can be dangerous. If one or more of those branches dry out, or if they become unstable in any way, they can fall on someone standing beneath the tree or close to it. Getting such trees removed from your property will ensure everyone remains safe. While you don’t want one of your family members getting hurt, you’ll also save yourself from facing lawsuits, especially if the tree hurts a stranger or a neighbor.

Runt trees

Some trees never look as healthy as the ones in their vicinity. If you have such a giant in your garden, you should contact the best provider of tree service Snellville to remove it from the premises. Runt trees aren’t difficult to point out. They usually stop growing after some time. The foliage should also appear discolored with extremely thin leaves on the branches. Fortunately, these trees aren’t beyond saving. Trained arborists can tell you what to do to breathe new life into them.

More signs

Other than the ones described above, arborists working with the tree service in Dunwoody firm suggest keeping an eye out for leaning trees. You may enjoy comparing your beloved evergreen to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but unlike this architectural marvel, a tree won’t be able to stay in that state for long. You should also pay particular attention to trees with hollow trunks. When you were a child, such trees fascinated you, but they aren’t as mesmerizing as they seem. Such a fantasy can end abruptly, especially if it leads to structural issues. Finally, consider removing any tree standing too close to buildings and structures not owned by you. While trees are the preservers of the environment, they can destroy even the strongest relationships, particularly with neighbors. You’re in love with your garden, but you can’t allow the larger occupants of the space to punch through the ceiling of your neighbor’s property. It will lead to a significantly costly lawsuit that you can prevent if you simply resort to removing it.

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