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Wedding invitations are the first thing that people notice when you tell them about your wedding. It is surely a representation of how you feel about that big day. To make this first move a clear representation of your mood and happiness you must be a little attention to the designing and printing of the wedding cards. 

Currently there are two types of wedding cards available it can either be the hard copy or the soft online wedding invitations. Both are amazing and have their own value. If someone wishes to have and affordable wedding invitation then he should go for the online wedding invitations otherwise the hard copies are the best as they are traditional and carry that traditional vibe. 

Finding the best designer for wedding invitation printing sounds pretty easy, but it’s not like that. Even though the Internet had made it seem easy as you think that all you have to do is search them down on Google. In reality you need to cheque a few things and make a plan before reaching out to the wedding invitation printers and designers.

As no one is engaging in this activity every other day and white wedding is a one time activity, so this process is a bit new for nearly everybody. Therefore we have mentioned a few tips that can help you find out the best wedding card designer.

Tips to find the best wedding card designer 

Getting your wedding cards printed can be hectic if the other person claiming to be a professional doesn’t follow suite. Luckily you can easily find out if the chosen or shortlisted wedding card designer is a professional or not.

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All you need to do is follow these simple steps.

Put a post on your Facebook Twitter or LinkedIn profile

Connecting with people is the best way to point out a professional card designer. You can simply write a post on your Facebook or other social media handles, an inquire about their experiences or ask them to suggest some amazing card printers.

Ask google 

You must be wondering why I didn’t tell you to ask Google first. Google will give you results based on SEO an even an unprofessional car designer can have better SEO. Therefore it is not clear if the suggested websites or designers are reliable. So Google should be your second priority when searching for any professional wedding card printer.

Check for diplomas 

Our diplomas designing diplomas and graphic designing diplomas are very important when you are searching for the wedding card printers. You may politely ask the prospective card designer about their college degree and diplomas.

Even though anyone can design a card but for a professional touch up there must be someone who was enrolled in an arts diploma course.

Variety of do-able designs 

Not everyone is perfect and neither are they the Jack of all trades. Thus, you must ask them what designs can they make. A reliable service provider with be very bold in mentioning it. If you feel that the designers are hesitant in informing you about their incapability. You must ignore them, and search for someone better. 


Who doesn’t want to design their wedding card? A professional designer will first ask you about your ideas, and let you make a draft of it. Anyone who isn’t letting you customise your wedding card is surely not the best one.

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You must ask the shortlisted wedding card designers about the customization process before paying them in advance.


Printing and posting wedding cards can cost you a lot of money. However there can be a customized budget for you. Anyone working in this field would know how it works, the designer will ask you for the desired design and then make an exclusive package for you. Make sure that you have mentioned your desired budget to designer before hand.

A simple elegant wedding invitation will not cost you much money and you must bear in mind that the price of the wedding invitation printing depending on the design you choose, don’t let anyone fool you.

Sharing of drafts 

Creating the perfect wedding invitation in one go is impossible even the best designer would start from drafts. So before you finalise the deal ask the wedding designer to share the first draft of the wedding card. Anyone unwilling to share the drafts is not a trustworthy designer for you.

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