Reasons to visit (and move) to Brooklyn, NYC

Brooklyn is the most overcrowded place in New York City due to a host of reasons and it has thefastest growing districts. It has lots to offer visitors and residents alike, such as marvellous views, parks, beaches and some of the best food you will ever indulge in. Below are some reasons why you might want to visit and possibly relocate to Brooklyn.

Why should you move to Brooklyn?

  1.  Rooftop views: Brooklyn has great views where you will be able to see the sky. This may not be possible in Manhattan a there are far too many skyscrapers present. In most instances, if you have access to a rooftop view via an apartment that you rented out, you will have access too amazing views of Manhattans skyline.
  2.  College options are limitless: There are so many colleges and universities in Brooklyn where students can live and study if they want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Colleges like Pratt Institute even offer an outdoor area as part of their campus known as Pratt’s Sculpture Garden. You can study anything you would like in Brooklyn so ensure that you do your research before deciding.
  3.  Culture and art are everywhere: Graffiti is a huge part of Brooklyn especially in areas like Bushwick, Williamsburg and Bed Stuy. If you are looking for an art experience, stroll down the streets of Brooklyn.
  4.  Bigger music venues: Brooklyn is known to have some of the best music venues in New York City and they attract many visitors from far and wide during weekend events. They attract musicians and business people alike.
  5.  Beaches are just a short ride away: There are so many beaches in Brooklyn and all you need to do is take the subway to your nearest beach. Residents and visitors enjoy a quick trip to their favourite beach via the subway.
  6.  Close-knit communities: Neighbourhoods and communities are close-knit, and each have their own culture and history. Brooklyn is a hive of activity and diversity. For this reason, it is the perfect place to raise a family and build a life.
  7.  Affordability and low prices: Compared with Manhattan, Brooklyn is much cheaper, from clothing to food, to accommodation.
  8.  Free events: every weekend you can look forward to a free event in Brooklyn. Whether its lectures, museums, views of the statue of liberty or parades.
  9.  Variety of food: Brooklyn has a range of different foods on offer and even hosts food fairs that see 20 000 to 30 000 people weekly. An event known as Smorgasburg features 100 local vendors each weekend. Another food event known as DeKalb Market Hall features 40 different food vendors in a 60 000 square foot food hall.

    Whether you plan on relocating as a family or you are a young person moving to Brooklyn to study, the city offers many benefits and is definitely a place to call home.
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