The Major Benefits of Baobab Oil

Baobab oil is extracted from the seeds of the baobab fruits. These trees can live for thousands of years in very hard conditions, in the dry arid desert regions of Africa. They have long roots that go deep down into the desert, sandy soil so as to reach the underground water.

They often have trunks that are thick and branches that are thin and have very long roots that look like outstretched arms. They look like as if they are upside down. The fruits that these trees produce are very rich in nutrients and they help to provide food to human beings and cattle alike during the dry season.

These trees have the unique ability to store large amounts of water on their barks, thus, they provide large quantities of water to animals like elephants and other cattle. They are very rich in different kinds of antioxidants and they fruit is often hailed as the super fruit as well as super food because it is so rich in various nutrients. The baobab flowers bloom only once a year and these flowers produce fruits. The seeds of these fruits produce baobab oil.

This article will list out the various benefits of baobab oil.

Baobab Oil for Skin

It is fortified with antioxidants. You can add baobab essential oil to your everyday skincare regime for a radiant glow. One of the best health benefits of baobab essential oil is that it prevents pimples and its anti-inflammatory properties help to get rid of eczema and allergic reactions .

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Baobab oil also helps to clear your skin by dissolving the oil in your skin. However, it will not leave your skin greasy and oily because it is so nutrient-rich. Rather, it leaves behind a glow and helps in clearing your skin. You can use one part of baobab oil and one part of jojoba oil and massage this regularly on your face so as to get a clear skin. You can also use baobab oil as a moisturizer for soft and hydrated skin. You can make a non-greasy moisturizer from using baobab oil and grapeseed oil and then to this mixture, add some tea tree oil and lavender oil. Then, you can simply apply this moisturizer on your skin to get glowing skin. It permeates through your skin cells to hydrate them.

You can also use baobab oil to guard against dry and chapped lips. Simply hydrate your lips by using a carrier oil blended with baobab oil to create a solution that will help to soothe and protect your lips.

This oil prevents aging as it is nutrient-rich and has many vitamins which add to its anti-oxidant properties. You can also use this oil to guard your skin against other conditions like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. It will reduce the swelling, redness and itchiness that is associated with eczema. Every time your condition worsens, you can simply apply a little of this oil to heal yourself faster. The anti-inflammatory properties make it particularly helpful for all kinds of skin rashes and burns. This oil also helps to prevent under-eye bags that develop under the eye due to stress. Use it if you are regularly doing late nights to keep on looking good-looking.

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This oil will prevent aging as it has Vitamin C and promotes collagen production in the skin. Make a solution by using baobab oil, chia seed oil and argan oil and then keep applying it on your face to look young and fresh. This serum will induce the production of collagen in your skin and make it look younger, if you use it daily. It also helps to reduce stretch marks because it has high vitamin content.

Baobab Oil for Hair

Baobab oil is highly effective in preventing hair loss and further, helps promote quick hair growth. Thanks to its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It assists in lessening dandruff and promotes scalp health.

Baobab also promotes great smell. It helps the hair from getting dry and also treats itchy scalp. Just blend baobab essential oil with a good carrier oil for maintaining a clean as well as a healthy scalp.

For an irritated scalp, use a mixture of baobab oil, peppermint oil and coconut oil and then mix them well together.

Then apply it on your scalp, leave for some time. This will help your inflamed scalp get better without costing you lots in terms of keratin or protein treatment.

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