The Pastel Goth Guide: Because Who Said Rainbows Can’t Be Edgy

Remember when black was the only acceptable hue in your goth wardrobe? Those were the good old gloomy days. But alas! A new era has dawned upon us, sprinkling its cheerful pastels like some rogue unicorn snuck into a goth club.

Welcome to the world of pastel goth, where soft meets dark, and your color palette is as confused as a vampire sunbathing.

“Candy Crushed My Soul” Ensemble:

This look is ideal for days when you feel like an emo Easter egg.

  • Outfit: Lavender mini skirt paired with a sheer black blouse and a lilac corset belt. Add striped pastel thigh-high socks.
  • Makeup: Think lilac eyeshadows, black cat-eye liner, and pale lavender lips.
  • Event: Spring festivals, late-night ice cream runs, or conjuring spirits under a rainbow.

“My Little Pony Went to a Metal Concert” Look:

Channel your inner Rainbow Dash… with a side of Ozzy Osbourne.

  • Outfit: Pastel blue skinny jeans, a loose black tee featuring a unicorn with an angst expression, and chunky pastel combat boots.
  • Makeup: Turquoise winged liner, baby pink blush, and a black lip.
  • Event: Rock concerts, arcade dates, or cryptid hunting with friends.

“Soft, but I’ll Bite” Attire:

Cute from a distance. Deadly up close.

  • Outfit: Pastel pink pleated skirt, black fishnets, and a pastel-striped oversized sweater. Add a choker for effect.
  • Makeup: Soft peachy tones on the lids, deep burgundy lips, and fake blood tears.
  • Event: Birthday parties, Valentine’s day (or anti-Valentine’s gatherings), or a vampire picnic.

The “Pastel Witchcraft” Vibe:

Conjure spells, but make it fashion.

  • Outfit: A flowy mint green maxi dress with black lace detailing, paired with a wide-brimmed black hat and pastel moon and star accessories.
  • Makeup: Shimmering silver shadow, muted plum lips, and starry freckles.
  • Event: Moonlit rituals, nature walks, or tea reading with the coven.
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“Pastel Apocalypse” Gear:

Perfect for when it feels like the world’s ending, but you still want to look fresh.

  • Outfit: Torn pastel yellow leggings, a distressed dark tee, and a baby pink leather jacket. Bonus if you have pastel-colored hair.
  • Makeup: Smoky grays with hints of pastel glitters, and a gradient lip of black to pale pink.
  • Event: Post-apocalyptic-themed parties, goth raves, or zombie escape drills.

“Gothic Mermaid Ashore” Outfit:

When you’re dark but also deep (sea).

  • Outfit: Iridescent pastel scale-print leggings, a cropped black tank, and layered pastel necklaces.
  • Makeup: Holographic highlights, ocean blue and purple eyeshadows, and a glossy pastel lip.
  • Event: Beach parties (preferably at night), aquatic-themed events, or luring sailors with your siren song.

“Pastel Punk Prom Queen”:

When high school nostalgia hits, but you’ve evolved.

  • Outfit: Pastel tulle dress, but with a black leather jacket and studded pastel accessories. Spike tiara? Oh, absolutely!
  • Makeup: Shimmery pastel smoky eyes, sharp black brows, and matte lavender lips.
  • Event: Reunions, prom do-overs, or gatecrashing someone else’s prom (disclaimer: do not actually do this).


Pastel goth – because why settle for regular gloom when you can have technicolor melancholy? It’s like blending a packet of Skittles into your black coffee. Weird, wild, and oh-so-wonderful. Whether you’re taking a soft stroll through a cemetery or simply want to leave a trail of black and pastel glitter wherever you go, pastel goth has you covered. Embrace the darkness, but remember to sprinkle in some light!

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