The Top Performing Digital Marketing Tools that Small Businesses can use

One of the significant aspects of the digital marketing world is that levels the playing field for both the smaller businesses and the biggest corporate alike. Digital marketing avenues offer many fantastic tools and strategies which can benefit all sizes of organizations across the industry to ensure optimum performance.

Gone are those days where the businesses needed to have a multimillion-dollar budget for marketing to stay ahead in the competition. Now digital marketing avenues offer a higher ROI even when you are actually investing cash or just investing your time and bootstrapping.

Along with offering great avenues for even the small businesses to succeed, digital marketing now also provides a lot of tools which may take the workload off the shoulders of individual marketers. Such devices can be very valuable for small businesses marketers who don’t have much-dedicated resources for in-house marketing or not having a big budget to outsource the work to a high-end marketing agency.

In this article, we are discussing some such handy tools, which may help you to enjoy the benefits of big bangs in digital marketing and get a better return on investment of your money and time. Just by automating the tasks, collection of proper data, analyzing data to gain better marketing insights, and ultimately help the marketers to organize and plan the activities, digital tools are enabling a big revolution in small business marketing now.

Digital tools for easy and effective marketing

1. Google Analytics

No doubt that the free Google Analytics now lists on top of all such digital tools, which are used by marketers to strategize and execute their digital marketing campaigns. This free tool can analyze your digital presence and offer very valuable insights on how to take action based on your market performance. If you find your business isn’t performing well digitally, you might want to take steps to increase your brand awareness. You could do this through contacting one of the PR agencies Philippines has to offer. Alternatively, you could try somewhere more local to you.

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Analytics is paired at best with the Search Console of Google, which is another tool available for free and helps marketers to identify any issues on your website and then try to optimize the traffic. Some major data points which Google Analytics enable to the marketers include:

  • Several visitors to a particular website daily, weekly, monthly, or any specific time frame as you choose.
  • Where the traffic to a website is coming from. You can categorize it as from other sites, search, social media, advertisements, or direct traffic.
  • The primary keywords which people used to search for services or products similar to yours, which can be used to improve Search Engine Optimization for your website.
  • The demographics and geographical locations of your users.
  • The time a user spends on your website on an overage and which pages on the sites are visited the most and when.

All these info are vital to a marketer, and with the help of Google Analytics in combination with Google Search Console, you can optimize the business websites and plan for better marketing campaigns based on the data.

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2. MailChimp

Whatever the size and nature of your business are, no one can survive without email communications and email marketing now. Being one of the most fundamental, but essential modes of business communication, email marketing was there always as a primary tool and is here to stay.

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When someone subscribes to your mailing list, you get an invitation to their inbox, which is an opportunity for direct marketing. The reason why email marketing is still favourite is that it is direct customer interaction. It also has a higher ROI compared to other modes of communication.

There are a lot of tools and software for email marketing, but MailChimp is one of the top choices for small businesses to take care of end to end e-mail marketing. This is a free tool, and one can use it until your mail list contains 2000 subscribers. It also offers the major attraction of this tool is that it doesn’t make your mail marketing complex even when simultaneously handling multiple mail campaigns.

3. Hootsuite

The usage of social media is essential for any business to remain fully competitive in the market. Still, many marketers don’t leverage the potential of social media in business marketing by considering it as simply a platform of socializing and hang around for time pass.

However, for those are considering seriously, there are many tools available which can turn social media into a lead-generating haven, one of the tops among them is Hootsuite. This tool serves as a platform for centralized management of all your social media channels and lets you to schedule the posts well in advance and plan your campaigns for the coming or for many months to come with one-time planning and scheduling.

Hootsuite also features many reporting tools too with which you can check whether all your social media campaigns are achieving the goals or not and also can give you an insight into the ROI. You can also track any mentions about your brand in the internet space from the reports of Hootsuite, all at one place.

4. KWFinder

Keywords are the lifeblood of SEO and considered as the fundamentals of online marketing. So, it is essential to get the keywords right and structure them properly. Nowadays, apart from the web, it is also important to understand is structured properly for mobile too. The content you prepare for any of you online media should be focusing around these buzzwords to attract more people on to your platform.

It is always clear to the marketers as to what the trending keywords related to your offerings are, and this is where keyword research tools are essential. There are many tools available like the one from Google as Keyword Planner and others like SECockpit. However, many of the advanced tools for keyword planning are costly, but something like KWFinder is free to use and also highly functional even when compared to many of the premium tools, once a business has discovered their most frequently used keywords they could opt to employ an SEO Company Cheshire or other locations, to try and boost their rankings within a certain search engine of choice.

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Apart from these, we may also find many other handy tools like HubSpot to bring various marketing channels together, Canva to prepare appealing content, Ahrefs to analyze keyword competition, Slack for data sharing and easy messaging etc. Along with the usage of such tools, digital marketers also need to be very intuitive, social media-savvy, analytical, and persistent to become successful.

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