The Ultimate Guide to Color Selection for Your Office

We spend a substantial amount of time in our offices sometimes. Our office spaces reflect our personality or the branding of a business. So, with what color can you paint and accent your office space?

A helpful guide is to consider either or all of the following suggestions:- 

  • Company brand colors
  • Type of business
  • How colors affect emotions and feelings

Company Brand colors

Most businesses want to use their brand colors as backdrop wall paints and accessories. By doing so, their customers can immediately associate their products with the business identity. The brand colors subtly influence their clients’ impression, engagement, experience, and decision to purchase services or products from the company. Brand colors are a great marketing tool for companies.

Colors Influence Emotions and Feelings

Since colors affect human emotions, link the paint colors you select for your office with the productivity you wish from the different departments in your company. The colors you choose for your office can inspire and energize staff and help them focus on their work. So, what colors can you apply to spruce up your office and influence staff productivity? Here are some tips:-

Red Color Scheme

Red subtly increases the sense of urgency, speed, and excitement. Some businesses that demand physical jobs such as retail, construction, sporting events use the red color scheme to motivate their staff to work faster.

Blue Color Scheme

Blue is a color that soothes human emotions, reduces stress, and helps people focus on work. Blue also induces feelings of trust, efficiency, and communication. It’s no wonder that some departments and offices dealing with stressful and repetitive jobs use the color blue. The blue color supports staff in concentrating on their work, calming their emotions, and increasing their efficiency.

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White and its Hues

White accented with other colors provides for a neutral combination. For a sterile background like in hospitals, the color white creates a mood of strictness and order. The beauty of a range of white colors as an overall background is that it is easy to decorate and complement other colors. It reflects light and creates a sense of openness and a spacious atmosphere. 

Brown Color Scheme

Brown emits a sense of power and strength. Lawyers’ offices especially like to use this color scheme. Brown increases the clients’ feeling of having landed in the right place of a powerful office that can assist them with their woes. Caution with using the brown color scheme. The darker the brown color for office use, the duller and boring the office will look. A recommendation is to use complementary colors along with the brown color of your wood furniture, cabinets from Best Online Cabinets, and other wooden accessories.  

Orange and Yellow Color Schemes

Is your office dealing with collaborating teams that provide ideas and creativity? Orange and yellow influence imagination, enthusiasm, and creativity in the staff. Yellow especially creates a friendly atmosphere, an optimistic space filled with confidence. 

Green Color Schemes

Using a green color for your office is like bringing the outside atmosphere into your office. Green represents nature and riches and induces a sense of balance, reassurance, and calmness. 

Color Finish

How you use color in paints or your accent accessories for your office will portray the status of your business to your customers and clients. 

When choosing colors for your office walls, consider how the natural light and artificial internal lighting reflect across your office space. 

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Select the colors that will affect the emotions and feelings of you and your staff to increase productivity. Your personality, company branding, and the size of your office will influence the preference of colors you select for your office space.

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