Top Clock Repairing Tips

When a clock stops working it can be quite an inconvenient affair. Not being able to tell the time can be somewhat disorienting. However, many clocks can be repaired quickly and easily.

This article will show you some top clock repairing tips so you’re more likely to have a working clock once more. 

If Your Mechanical Clock Is Not Working 

Many mechanical clocks are sent for clock repair and restoration almost every day. Some of the clocks simply don’t work because not all of the packaging has been removed. 

Make sure that:

  • The rubber band or spring clip is not attached to the movement 
  • Restart the clock to see if it works
  • Check that the pendulum swings fully
  • If the pendulum is hitting the weights, check how level the clock is 
  • Pull the second hand out slightly if the hour hand is touching it

Checking your mechanical clock to make sure that none of the above issues are taking place can help. If your clock still isn’t’ working it may need to be repaired professionally. 

If Your Clock Makes a Loud Noise Before Stopping 

If your clock made a loud noise before it stopped the main spring could be broken. Alternatively, the spring may have come away from the winding arbor. Replace the spring if you can. Just make sure you grease and re-grease the new spring before you put it in place. 

If Your Clock Will Not Chime 

If your clock will not chime check to see if the chime has been switched off. If it has, switch it back on again. 

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If the chime has not been switched off you may need to replace the batteries. 

If The Chime is Not Synchronized 

If your mechanical clock is not synchronized you may be able to repair it. Simply:

  • Position the hour hand so that it corresponds to the number that’s shown on the dial
  • Move the minute hand forward 1 finger. Let the clock strike as it reaches the numbers 6 and 12 
  • If only 1 strike is heard keep moving the minute hand 
  • Move the hour hand so that it corresponds with the number of strikes given 

This tends to be the easiest way to deal with a clock that is not synchronized. 

If You Have Moved Your Clock And It Won’t Run 

Occasionally, moving a clock can result in it refusing to run. However, there are a few things you could do to get it working once more. 

Try to work out if the pendulum is out of beat. 

Swing the pendulum gently and listen for an even tick. 

The tick should sound a lot like a metronome. 

If the clock is positioned unevenly, place some pennies under it until it’s even once more. 

Use these tips to help you to repair your clock. If none of the above tips work it might be worth asking a professional to help you. With a bit of work, your much beloved clock could be back in full working order.

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