Turn your kitchen into the perfect entertainment space with these clever ideas

If you enjoy having people over and throwing amazing house parties, you’re surely interested in how you could optimize your space to make your guests have a good time. Unfortunately, not all houses were designed with entertainment in mind. Lack of space, strange layouts, or poor lighting can all get in the way of your party hosting ideas.

But the good news is that you don’t have to transform your whole house to accommodate great parties. You only have to focus on one part of the house – the kitchen. We all know that the best house parties always end up in the kitchen, with all the guests gathered around the kitchen table, snacking and chatting till the break of dawn. 

Open-plan layouts were the ones that brought the idea of entertainment kitchens into the spotlight, and changed the way we think about kitchens. Even if the open-plan design is not as popular as it once was, entertainment kitchens are a concept that is here to stay. 

So, if you want to turn your kitchen into an awesome entertainment venue without compromising on functionality, here are a few smart ideas that will help you achieve your party goals. 

Create multiple seating areas  

Even if your guests aren’t going to spend all their time sitting at the table, you’ll still have to make sure there’s enough seating for everyone. That’s a lot easier when you have a large kitchen and you can place chairs everywhere, but it can turn into a real challenge in smaller spaces.

Built-in benches can provide a great solution in these situations, as they can accommodate more people, allowing you to maximize the space in your kitchen. Apart from providing more seating areas, these benches can also serve as an extra storage space which is always welcome in a small kitchen. 

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Incorporate an island that can double as a bar 

If you are lucky enough to have a big space at your disposal, your options change as you’ll be able to incorporate more ideas into your kitchen design. One thing you should consider is adding an island in the middle of the room or a peninsula that can double as a bar when guests come over. 

An island is a great addition to any kitchen since it can serve many purposes. It’s the place where you can sip your morning coffee, grab a snack or have kids do their homework while you’re cooing. But when guests are in the picture, the kitchen island quickly turns into the focal point of the party. They’re the perfect spot for sipping and socializing. Placing some bar stools around the island is also a great idea, providing extra comfort and style.   

Give your kitchen some TLC 

When the kitchen is the heart of your home and also an entertainment hub when throwing house parties, you can’t have it looking dull and outdated. So, if you’ve been neglecting its appearance, it might be time to give your kitchen some TLC.  

You might want to buy new furniture, replace some appliances or give it a fresh coat of paint. But as experts at Kitchen Warehouse UK ltd explain, you don’t have to break the bank to purchase gorgeous kitchen products. What’s more, you don’t always need to buy entire kitchen units to achieve great results. Small changes such as replacing cabinet doors can make a big difference to your space. 

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Focus on lighting 

Lighting is a very important element of design, so you should take full advantage of it. The right lighting appliances can turn a dull space into a warm and lively setting in no time. You don’t want to blind your guests with harsh lighting, but you don’t want them wandering around a dimly lit room either. 

Finding the balance can be tricky, but you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. There are multiple lighting solutions you could employ to create the ideal party ambiance, from led lights to spots, table lamps, or even fancy chandeliers hanging above the kitchen island. The key is to mix lighting fixtures and adapt them to your space. 

Clear the clutter 

You might use your kitchen for cooking every day, but when guests come over the last thing they want to see is a cluttered countertop and kitchen utensil lying around everywhere. This kind of view can kill the party mood in an instant. 

Guests shouldn’t bump into kitchen items at every step or see your entire kitchenware collection, as pretty as it might be. And they definitely shouldn’t spend their time clearing the clutter so they can find a place to sit. We think you got the idea: get your kitchen clean and tidy before guests arrive so that everyone can enjoy the party. 

Choose Easy-Care Surfaces

Speaking of cleaning and tidying, it’s a well-known fact that kitchens can become easily crowded and they’re also very difficult to clean. That makes sense since they’re also one of the most used rooms in the house. Therefore, getting the kitchen in perfect party condition can turn into a real nightmare.

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But not if you’re cautious enough to choose easy-care surfaces. When you choose the furniture, cabinets, and appliances that you’re going to use in your kitchen, opt for long-lasting materials that are also easy to maintain. That will save you the trouble of spending hours trying to clean the floors and countertops after a party. 

Get creative 

Last but not least, you should consider the overall design of the space. A kitchen that looks like thousand others and has nothing special to make it stand out is not exactly going to dazzle your guests or get them in the party mood. 

Try to bring in some personal touches to give your space some personality and make it feel more intimate. This is where you can give free rein to your imagination and put your décor ideas into practice. Your guests will surely notice and appreciate these details.  

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