Wedding Dresses For Colder Weather

It seems as if the year has just begun, but experts in the wedding industry are in full gear getting ready for the fall bridesmaid dresses. In this post, we will show you a few of the trending ideas. You will see current day brides are embracing the gowns that are inspired by the royal wedding. But, while the Duchess chose a minimalist gown, ball gowns fit for a princess are being delivered as we speak. If you are interested in finding out more about a gown for your wedding, you might want to visit somewhere like to learn more.

You may also notice a retro feel inching in on the action. This is due to the remake of the 1970s style jumpsuits. There is one thing that everyone in the industry agrees on, and that is weddings for fall are going to be fabulous.


When you are hosting a wedding for colder months, the first thing that comes to mind is sleeves. Long-sleeved gowns and mock neck dresses will certainly make their appearance. Sleeves of lace. There is a whimsical twist for the retro bride. Bell sleeves are making a big splash in wedding fashion.

Bridal attire

Brides are wearing bright white, or stunning black. Sweetheart necklines and mock tops are currently trending. Dresses with layer after layer of lace are at the top of the line. The bridesmaid’s dresses will be soft and clean lines for understated sophisticaion. The bridesmaid’s dresses are usually adorned with lace sleeves that art ¾ sleeves or long sleeved.

Photo ops

If any of the activities will be outdoors, consider a bridal cape. Created to match the dress perfectly, the cape is secured at the neck and drapes the bride. Some capes come with hoods. Depending on where you live, it can get very cold in the afternoons. Bridesmaids are stunning with a faux fur stole.

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This is so popular because at the wedding the bride has a beautiful and stylish look. Having photographs of every part of the event is important. Outdoor photos with the bridal party supporting capes or wraps add an extra dimension to the wedding. There are many kinds of capes, wraps, and stoles for your consideration.


The wedding pantsuit. Brides wear a lovely white blouse and flowing white pants. If the bride is wearing a pantsuit, she should add a matching short jacket. The one-shoulder top is popular with this outfit as is the halter look. Bridesmaids look just as lovely in their pantsuits in popular winter colors like wine or deep green. This exciting choice is catching on with the modern woman. She does not have to sacrifice comfort for style.

For the most elegant look, pair the pantsuit with high heels. Have everyone wear their hair up. Matching earrings are a great touch. You can present them to the bridal party as their thank you gift.

Fall Wedding Colors

Bridesmaids should wear darker and warmer colors this fall. If the bride chooses a white or ivory gown, the deep colors will bring the splash of color she wants. If the bride is wearing black, the rich tones will lighten the room a bit. Fall colors this year are:

  • Emerald green
  • Sage
  • Wine
  • Burgundy
  • Silver

Trends come and go, but the color that never goes out of style and always brings beauty to the bridal party is Blush. In 2019 you will see traditional ballroom gowns with bridesmaids dressed in blush. This standard will always work for a wedding.

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