The Psychology of Interior Design: 5 Eye-Opening Facts

Down The Rabbit Hole: We have listed incredible facts on how color and interior design psychology affects health and well being. Studies suggest a room’s decor can drastically affect a person’s mood and productivity. And well-designed spaces can unlock the psychology behind happiness. Wondering how? We’ve dove into interior design psychology. And we’ve nailed down […]

The Hidden Danger of Foods Rich in Estrogen

Most women are aware of the fact that estrogen are essential hormones that play a key role in maintaining their health and happiness. But what most women are unaware of is that if the balance between estrogen and progesterone is not right, especially for menstruating women, it can lead to a condition called estrogen dominance. […]

Poor Circulation Home Remedies

Blood circulation is driven by the heart as it provides continuous supply of blood to every parts of the body through the blood vessels. This process not just ensures that there is oxygen and nutrients that is also essential to every body organ, but it also aids in removing metabolic waste in the body system. […]

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