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DIY Geometric Clocks Ideas With Direction

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Clocks are the most useful thing in the world and you can get any type of clock from the store. You will find the wide range of variety and cost. Well, in this post I am going to share with your some very unique and beautiful Geometric Clock. You can find these kinds of clocks in the local store, but they will cost you lots of money. These DIY Geometric Clocks will add an extra beauty and charm to your living room, dining room and bedroom. You can also place them anywhere in the house.

DIY Geometric Clocks

Making a DIY project always a fun task and if the project can save lot’s money then you will definitely love to make that kind of DIY project. DIY Geometric Clocks can be made very easily and it will not take much time. We have rounded up over the internet and found out some DIY Geometric Clocks project which will help you make your own Geometric Clocks. Just scroll down and check these beautiful DIY Geometric Clocks tutorial.

DIY Copper Geometric Shape Clock

This Geometric Shape Clock give a very charming look to your living room or any place where you want to place it. You can make this DIY project by yourself very easily and it will not consume your much time. If you are thinking to make this project then much have collected the required material before you start the project. You need oven bake clay, clock set, copper tape, x-to knife, ruler, circle shape to trace. Now follow the to learn the process to make this DIY Geometric Shape Clock.

DIY Scotch Expressions Tape Clock

People always want those kinds of things which look very expensive, but in reality they are cheap. These kind of things you can’t get from the store, because if they are looking expensive they must be expensive. So if you want to make this happen then there is only one way that you can make that thing by yourself. The clock shown in the above picture is perfectly followed the concept of looking expensive, but not really. If you like this beautiful DIY Scotch Expressions Tape Clock and want to learn how you can make it, then just follow the for the complete tutorial.

DIY Geometric Wall Clock

Home is a kind of place which always missing something and you always curious to know what is that. It can be anything, but if you are missing something in your living room, bedroom or dining room wall then it must be a wall clock. You can choose any type of wall clock according to your wall color and design. The wall clock shown in the above picture can be done very easily and it will add an extra charm to your wall. If you want to learn how you can this beautiful DIY Geometric Wall Clock by yourself, then just follow the for step by step direction.

Colorful Outdoor DIY Geometric Clock

Have you ever thought about to hang a clock in your outdoor? If still not, then it’s a time to make this happen. Might be you are thinking that it’s not much important to spend the money on a clock which you have to hang in outdoor. You don’t need to purchase it, you can make it by yourself. Check the Colorful Outdoor DIY Geometric Clock is shown in the above picture and if you want to learn how you can make this beautiful clock, then just follow the for a complete direction of this DIY project.